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Is it time to go all out? The key to modern eyelashes is to make them look loose.


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Is it time to go all out?
The key to modern eyelashes is a loose look.

What you should pay more attention to than fashion trends is makeup trends. Clothing is less likely to be associated with an old-fashioned image, as there are many standard items of clothing such as denim. However, if you feel old-fashioned in terms of makeup, such as the thickness of eyebrows and eye shadow, you will suddenly look old. ......
So, in this article, we will introduce some points of NG eye makeup that you should pay special attention to.

Makeup trends have changed dramatically between 2010 and 2020. The most noticeable change is in eye makeup. Eyebrows have undergone a dizzying transformation, starting with thin eyebrows in the early 2000s, followed by short eyebrows, then thick eyebrows, and finally arched eyebrows. Eye makeup used to be full of fake eyelashes, but now the mainstream is to create an eye look that emphasizes a loose look that makes the most of one's own eyelashes.
However, even if you have a vague understanding of these trends, there are probably many of you who have settled on the same eye makeup that you usually wear... We would like to explain to you the characteristic points of the "filler" makeup that you should not do now, and the points of the "loose" makeup that gives you a modern look.



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