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FDA( アメリカ食品医薬品局) 化粧品成分表示の認証登録に関するお知らせ

fillage|フィラージュアイラッシュセラムに配合される全ての成分を、FDA( アメリカ食品医薬品局)に登録し、化粧品成分表示が認証されました。 CPIS #(登録番号):1163518 Filer:BEAUTEX COLTD BRAND / SPECIFIC PRODUCT NAME:FILLAGE EYE LASH SERUM PRODUCT CATEGORY:Other Eye Ma...


General Sales Commencement

General sales have started on the official website.

BEAUTY COLUMN is now available

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Pre-order has been closed with 2829% of achievement on Makuake

Pre-order on Makuake has been completed. The project has been successfully completed with an achievement rate of 2829%, far exceeding the target. Please refer to the project page for...

BEAUTY COLUMN is now available

BEAUTY COLUMN Healthy eyelashes are a symbol of youth. Why Are Eyelashes So Important?" >> Article Why do eyelashes fall out with age? Basic Routine of "Eyelash Growth" to Start Now" >>...